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Xd Cards Are Good Things To Have!

Reviewing: Fujifilm Xd Card 2 Gb  |  Rating:
Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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The company that made my XD card, has a decent website, see the site here:-


I received this as a very welcome stocking filler. The XD card in this review is a 2Gigabyte memory cards, and is made by Fujifilm, this is a storage card, and can be used for other uses, not just cameras. The initials XD, stands for eXtreme Digital, these cards were designed for digital cameras.

The cost of these is highly competitive nowadays, you can find them for about £10 or less online. Remember to allow for Postage & Packing of course. You will see them on the high street too of course, but at a much higher price. These are often described as Postage stamp sized cards. Their size is 20 mm x 25 mm x 1.78 mm, & each card weighs 2.8 grammes.

You could go for non branded cards, but I would not use anything but original cards in my camera. You then are secure in the knowledge, that you have a genuine card, and the camera warranty is still valid.

There are two different types of these cards, M type and H type, which have a slightly different method of encoding, but that need not concern us, they are completely interchangable. Mine are the M type.

The transfer rate for these cards is about 5mb per second. They come ready to use, so you don't need to format them.

These unfortunately are black, I think it's a bit of a shame they don't come in a vivid colour, like hi-vis yellow, as if you drop a card outdoors, you will never find it. They do come in a protective case, which is good.

I have never had any problems with these cards, and in my opinion, they are one of the better makes. Most items like cameras tend to come with a small card to start you off, but you soon need to upgrade to a larger one. There is no instruction manual, but you won't need one.

You can download your images to a PC, or take the card into your local Max Spielman, & get them printed while-u-wait. You could of course, send the cards through the post, to someone who does not even own a PC, so they can then go to & choose which pics they want printed.