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Xenocide Book Review

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Xenocide by Orson Scott Card is the third book in the Ender series. It is a science fiction novel, but it not only appeals to sci-fi fans, as the plot is universal and is rooted in philosophy. I deeply enjoyed reading the first two books, and Card still continues to capture my interest.

Brief Summary of Xenocide

Xenocide continues the story from where the plot left in the previous book, where Ender brings the Hive Queen to Luisitania to restore her species. The local sentient alien Pequenino make a truce with her and with the humans. Meanwhile, Star Congress send a fleet carrying weapons to destroy Lusitania to prevent the spread of the most dangerous virus ever faced by humanity: the Descolada. For now, xenobiologists at Luisitania are battling to develop new methods to keep back the Descolada, which constantly mutates and develops as if it too is a sentient being. The challenge is that they must not destroy the Descolada, or else it would destroy the Pequeninos, whose life cycles have been modified by the Descolada in such a way that they cannot live without the basic functions of the Descolada. They have to alter the Descolada and render it harmless.

Meanwhile, they have to attempt to solve the mysteries of the Philotes, the most basic units of matter that can travel faster than the speed of light. If they hope to evacuate . Two genetically enhanced, but Obsessive Compulsive Disorder affected people from the planet Path assist them to unravel the mysteries of the universe to save not only the human race, but the Bugger and the Pequeninos as well.

Buy this book! It's definitely worth it!