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Xm Satellite Pioneer Inno Portable Radio

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crunkyjens By crunkyjens on
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I just purchased the Pioneer Inno Portable XM Satellite radio and already I am very very happy with it. I received it in the mail today as I had purchased it from a reputible dealer on Ebay and already installed the car kit into my vehicle, got it started up and listened to XM on my way into work.

I purchased the XM Satellite radio because I have always been interested in XM and quite frankly I am getting sick and tired with nothing on the radio these days. What I liked about the Pioneer Inno and what pretty much sealed the deal was that it was portable. Meaning not only could I listen to it in my car, or in my home, I could also bring it outside with me and listen to it while I walked or went for a run. While I have yet to test this function, I plan on doing it within the next couple days.

The car kit was very easy to install and took probably a half hour. I had a friend of mine come over and he installed it for me and was able to run the wiring underneath panels of my car so it had that "wireless, professional" look to it. Something that should be noted is that the car kit does not come with the actual Pioneer Inno, it must be purchased seperatly.

The Inno has a very sleek design and is about the size of a video Ipod, and weight. The one I purchased is pink in color to support breast cancer, the standard color is black. The screen is very easy to read when it is turned on and the system itself is very easy to navigate. A leather case came for the Inno to keep it protected when you do not have it docked in your car or at home as well.

Another great concept about the Inno is that it is a MP3 player as well! You can hook up the Inno to your PC and load MP3's onto it to have to play when your XM is not receiving reception. Also, you can record a song right off of the XM feed and store it on the player to listen to at another time! Doesn't matter if you hit record when the song first starts or when it's close to its end it will record the whole thing. Definitely awesome!

The Inno received very good reception in my car once I got it up and running. I only had to change the FM frequency channel a few times to get it to almost CD quality clear, which was great. Overall I am very satisified with this system after just one day of having it. I can't wait to hook it up inside my apartment (first I just have to figure out what end faces south..haha) and also take it out for a run around the neighborhood. If you are looking to get an XM Satellite radio and like the uniqueness of your system being portable I definitely suggest you take a look into this system. You will not be disappointed!