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Xpress Your Self With Nokia 5220 Xpress Music

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This cellphone is very luxurious, rich of features, Nokia 5220 XpressMusic, released in 2008. As its name, Express your Music taste, Express yourself. Designed for the "street" which means it is very easy to carry with lanyard. Just feel great XpressMusic experience with 3, 55 audiojack, instant acces to my music with music key, Very very excellent audio quality and up to 24 hours of music playback time, Rhytmic lights and embedded memory card. What else? Still curious about this one? Lets continue elaborating this cool cellphone.


I noticed that it is very slim and light, but I was admire when I bought it at the beginning of this year. I love on its interface, it's kind of shortcut menu as follows :

- From Behind Side : There is 2.0 megapixel of camera with smooth 4x Zoom,

i took good picture from it, really smooth without spotted.

- From the left side : There is power socket at the top, below is menu button for

music, very practical indeed.

- From the top side : there is a place for disengaging battery's lid, headphone

socket AV 3, 5 mm and USB socket's lid.

- From the front side : Perhaps I don't need to describe the functions of each

button, I just describe distinctive feature, there is feature called "sophisticated

portability", its function is for lanyard located on the bottom of front side. Just tie

lanyard and drape around my neck, that is so-called "Designed For The Street".

- From The Right Side : There is assorted button such Volume button to manage

headset volume, button to activate push-to-talk, button to activate voice call and

button to zoom out or zoom of appearance oncamera modus.


This cellphone comes with many interesting features, I'll describe one by one based on my experiences as follows :


With Bluetooth technology enable me to connect to other devices by using radio wave within 10 metres but there is shortcoming on it, feature which using Bluetooth will increase usage of battery's power and reduce of battery's life period.

2. Data Packet

Unfortunately it doesn't support 3 G yet, there is only GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) to connect with internet. I can use it as modem by connecting to PC or notebook via Bluetooth or USB cable data. I recommend to choose USB cable data in order to save battery's life period.

3. Print Photo

This cellphone supports Nokia XpressPrint to print photo in jpeg format. I can choose either cable data or Bluetooth to printer set which supports Bluetooth technology. Very practical isn't it?

4. Camera And Video

As I wrote above, it supported with 2 megapixel of camera, very clear and I can take a picture with resolution up to 1600X1200 pixels. I can record video as well, just the same with take a picture, it results clear video without spotted due to there is menu for light management.

5. Music Player

This is prominent menu of Nokia 5220 XpressMusic. I can listen music trend or sound file such as MP3 and AAC which has been downloaded from web or transfer to cellphone via Nokia PC suite. I can see video clip which has been recorded or downloaded as well. All of music and video file which saved in music folder on phone memory or memory card will be detected automatically and added to music library.

6. Radio

It comes with RDS which could catch Radio FM. Headset must be set properly so as to Radio FM functions properly as well.

7. Sound Management

There are 3 tools I love it consists of sound recorder, nice sound resulted. Second is Equaliser to organize sound as my desire. Third is Stereo broadening which will results stereo sound's effect which is wider if I use stereo headset.

8. GPS And Map Supported

I can use GPS (Global Positioning System) to support map application but I must set cellphone with external GPS unit which compatible with Bluetooth technology. GPS Receiver unit must be use outdoor in order to receive GPS signal.

9. Memory Cache

Cache functions as memory which used to save temporary data. Whenever i try to access the secret information which need code, i always empty cache each time after it has been used. That is the securest way to avoid abusers.


I bought amount IDR 1550.000(US$145) on March at this year, beside cellphone itself, there are CD of Nokia PC Suite, headset, charger as well. All components come with 1 year warranty.


Well, after elaborated upon my experiences I've concluded that Nokia 5220 XPressMusic is one of the great product from Nokia Vendor. I'm a little bit picky about cellphone and i dont wanna choose cheesy one so i darely say that Nokia 5220 XpressMusic is very suitable for young people who loves powerfull multimedia cellphone likewise for mobile person as it "designed for the street". I really recommend this one for consumer here, thanks for reading my review, hopefully it will help anyone.

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