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Y: The Last Man Vol. 1 Is Outstanding

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smmm By smmm on
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Y: The Last Man is a graphic novel published by Vertigo that carries the premise that every single male on Earth has died - all at once. From what we do not know yet. This volume is the first in a series of ten books. In this interesting "what if" only women survived. This not only includes humans, but every animal on Earth as well. Even the fetuses and sperm we have in our labs. All of them gone. Except for one 20-ish year old man and his pet monkey - both male. He carries a sense of sarcastic humor around him and very obviously a slacker. Along the way he must travel with Agent 355, who is government sworn to protect this last man, and Dr. Mann, a woman who may have the key human cloning. Along the way they find themselves getting into interesting, life-threatening situations. The writing is incredibly entertaining and told in a real down-to-earth way you can really understand. Each character has a very identifiable personality, which makes them very likable. The art isn't amazing, but it is very solid. Each character has their own look and the action is top-notch. This is the start in one of the best comic series I have ever read, so I recommend it!