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Yada Yada Book Review

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Nope, I’m not talking about the 153rd episode of Seinfeld, rather a Christian book series that has hit the bookshelves. The official book series written by the famous Christian author Neta Jackson is called Yada Yada Prayer Group. It is a series of seven books that follow a group of unforeseen women through an intoxicating adventure of the various levels of being a believer of God.

Unlike other Christian books on the market, Yada Yada Prayer Group is about finding God in unconventional times and locations. The series is placed in Chicago, Illinois, on the poorer streets of the city which tend to lack a religious background at times. It is written in a setting that everyone can understand – it is not just another Christian book series with the usual script of an unbeliever turned believer in the end.

No, this series starts out with a younger family of four that has moved from the posh suburbs into the city to assist a Christian voyage to help an inner city church. One of the main characters, Jodi Baxter, finds her cradle-Christianity to be challenged and strengthened through the daily support and challenges that are endured through an assigned prayer group at a women’s conference. The group grows into a supportive group of twelve women with different backgrounds. Some of these backgrounds are: an ex-convict turned right, an overworked African-American woman whose mother was brought up in slavery, Jodi known as the Caucasian “super-Christian”, a widowed African-American principal, a Jewish wife, a well-off African wife working as a professor at Northwestern University and so much more.

With the multitudes of differences between all the characters, it is hard for anyone reading the series to not find a place for themselves in this book. While reading each one, I was immediately drawn into the characters and could see myself living life within this group of women even though I come from a completely different background. It is one of those books that not only takes a person out of his/her comfort zone but also encourages his/her prayer “to get on”. It is a must read for all ages!