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Yell Spartaaaaa! In Spartan: Total Warrior

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By pato on
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Sega's Total Warrior series has been running strong for a while and now the delve into the glorious history of the ancient world with Spartan: Total Warrior. Unlike past games in which you control an entire army, you now control a single Spartan soldier. But what a soldier! The unnamed Spartan has powers and abilities beyond those of a regular warrior. With enough experience, he is able to slaughter hundreds of enemy soldiers, calling down lightning and magic from the heavens.

You'd think that with all those powers the Spartan would be nearly invincible but this is not the case. The enemies in the game are TOUGH to say the least. Every enemy kill must be earned for they are not easily disposed of. You will use you block button more than any other I guarantee it. Unfortunately, the game tends to be frustrating with its difficulty. And the boss battles leave a little something to be desired.

Not only that but once you beat the game there is no incentive to replay it. You cannot start again with your powered up character (something which I VERY much would have liked) and you can't even play in any separate stages without starting the entire game over. The only replay factor comes in the form of a gladiatorial arena in which one fights increasingly difficult hordes of enemies (something done MUCH better in Shadow of Rome). Overall, the game is just average although the difficulty is anything but. It does have amazing graphics for a PS2 game though so if you want some eye candy then you might want to try it out.