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Yes, Ive Got Sexy Curls!

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By lili-bunny on
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As a typical asian girl I suffer from the curse of the thick, heavy & very straight hair; but as everybody knows we are never really pleased with what we have so of course I´ve always dreamt with big sexy blonde bouncy curls Pam Anderson style.I´m no Tila Tequila so I figured I couldn´t pull off the "blonde" part but I was determined to have my big sexy curls.

I tried everything: old school rollers, hot rollers, TONS of different curling irons, but nothing seemed to work on my hair . So one day I had a friend over and as we were both getting ready and doing our hairs, she had those awesome curls while my hair was still straight (and fried) after atempting to curl my hair with another curling iron. Of course I had to try hers, and Ta-Da! It worked!! For my surprise it worked really well and believe me, I´m pretty experienced when it comes to curling irons...I´ve owned over six of them of many different brand, and so far none of them worked. The next day I rushed to the closest Walmart and had another good surprise..it was only $12, 57!

So if you´re looking for a good curling iron and don´t feel like spending absurd $100 or more on a professiona one, give this one a try. It´s really cheap and totally worth it. Mine´s the 1 1/2" but they come in different sizes, so u can have cute tiny curls or big sexy ones. Plus its very versatile: you can have soft waves, pin upish dos or big 80´s porn star hair, your choice.


* It´s only $12, 57 pretty cheap huh?

* It heats really fast. You can turn it on, go get dressed and by the time you go back it´s already hot.

* Different temperatures. So you don´t fry your hair if it´s really fine.

* you can find it pretty much anywhere.


* It heats really fast, but it also takes a long time to unheat.

* It´s not the prettiest. I mean it´s not pink or polka dot, but it works.

* The cord is not very long.