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Yikes! Sock Zombie On The Loose!

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I think I've discovered what happens to all those socks that go missing from the dryer. They become sock zombies! I'm always on the lookout for the strange and unusual - I think sock zombies qualify on both counts. Yes, my zombie looks a bit gruesome what with the puffy red glue and the skull earring, but he really is a softy!

The zombie I have pictured is the Large and Very Elusive Triple Decker Throwing Zombie. He's about 11 inches tall and 6 inches across at the arms. The base of the zombie is a kid's sock as the zombie creator states that kids socks are softer. The tips of his horns are plushy fleece material - very squishy! I wanted this particular one because I felt like he could blend in with some of my other decor like the pillows in my chair. Then, when a guest sits down - Sock Zombie attacks! O_O

My zombie is perfect for throwing at unruly children or unruly older brothers. I have not tested it (yet), but he might even be good to use against unruly parents. He's also good for cuddling while watching scary TV shows like Flavor of Love and Dr. Phil!

Want a sock zombie of your very own? Visit http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5061910 to pick one out. You can even custom order a zombie if you like. Prices range from $13 up to $50. The Samurai Zombie and the Custom Pirate Zombie are the most expensive. When I purchased my zombie, the shop was participating in the Saturday Night Special promotion and I got 20% off the regular price.

Update On Jul 04, 2008: Just wanted to update that I still have not tested my throwing Zombie against any unruly parents, but I do not recommend tossing them at misbehaving dogs. This action only serves to cause more disorderly conduct. And if your dog is a terrier, loss of Zombie innards is possible.