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You Built A Time Machine....Out Of De Lorean?

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When I found this dvd box set at Hastings I just had to buy it I've loved these movies since I was little and they bring back such fond memories for me. I remember when my dad and I would sit and watch all three parts on HBO every time they were on or we'd rent them over and over from Blockbuster. How I always dreamed of having a hover board or being able to travel through time for the longest time my cousin and i planned on buying a DeLorean. For those rare few that haven't seen them I'll give you a general overview of each part.

Part 1: Young Marty Mcfly with the help of scientist Doc Brown travels back through time to 1955 in a DeLorean turned time machine and whole mess of troubles ensue. Marty meets his parents as teenagers but saving his father throws fate off track and he has to get his parents to fall in love or be erased from existence.

Part 2: Marty must once again travel through time but instead of saving his parents he has to go to the future to year 2015 and save his son. Managing to succeed in that mission and heading back home to 1985 he soon realizes something went wrong back in the future. So he has to travel back to 1955 to set the future straight and also without interfering with his last trip.

Part 3: Finds Marty back in the old west in the year 1885 to save Doc Brown who's blossoming a romance with a young woman and who is reluctant to return to his own time. Doc is about to be killed by a man named Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen and it's up to Marty to save his friend and get back them both back to 1985.

The movies all tie together very well and are very entertaining. The second part begins right where the first part left off and so the third part begins right where the second part ended. They're very funny, my whole family, all different ages love these films even my 6 year old nephew and 8 year old niece. When I got these the first time I watched them again it was like I was seeing them for the first time and though I'd seen them mulitple times growing up I'd forgotten a lot.

I found myself watching them back to back laughing out loud and than recruiting some other family to watch them with me. You don't have to be in any certain mood to enjoy these films and that's partly what makes them so much fun. If you look at how life is today and look at what 2015 is described as it's amazing. These films really are timeless and I look forward to sharing them with my children someday.