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You Can Be Happy No Matter What

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You Can Be Happy No Matter What, says Richard Carlson, Ph.D, the author of this book. Then he goes on to tell us how we can manage this.

Richard Carlson is the author of all those great Don't Sweat the Small Stuff books. In this one, he gives us five principles that we can use to help us keep life in perspective. He talks to us in straightforward, easy to comprehend language (that's why I gave the complexity category a 0 rating, because this book is not complex, it is very down-to-earth). Dr. Carlson speaks to us honestly and logically about what it is to live in the present moment and not dwell on the past or worry about the future. He explains to us about our thoughts and how they can affect the way we feel and the way we experience life. He gives us some very useful advice that we can really put to use in our daily lives so that we can start to manifest the changes that will make us happier and more fulfilled.

I definitely enjoyed reading this book. In fact, I intend to read it again shortly, just to reinforce what Dr. Carlson has written and to give myself another shot in the arm.

My copy is a soft cover book with 141 pages. It is fast reading, so if you are a busy person, you could probably still find the time to read this book. I highly recommend it.