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You Don't Want To Be In My Face :

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...................... got2b in your face

.................. Pure Intent Clay Masque

Its a terrifying scene in my household every week when I indulge in pampering time. No, not because I turn into a diva of extreme proportion, but because I turn into a clay monster!!

This clay masque is wonderful! Scary to look at, but wonderful in its de-toxifying and smoothing properties.

Let me explain..

Made with avocado, kaolin clay, rosemary and a list of ingredients that I would not dare to list as I have no clue what they are (not such a good thing), this concoction seems to be one of the best that I have purchased. I have found that many clay masques leave your skin feeling rather dry at the end of the application, but this one actually makes my skin look and feel nourished and healthy. It dries fairly quickly and washes off cleanly and simply - unlike some that smear wet clay across your face for 5 minutes before dissolving!

How to Use...

As with all clay masques/face packs, you just start with a clean face and apply a thin layer of this creamy smooth clay. It applies almost white in color and tends not to darken unlike some that turn a darker grey shade once dry. Take care not to get too close to ones eyes and lips while being certain to cover all other other areas, crevices around the nose and chin etc., Sit back in front of the TV or a good book for about 10 minutes while the clay hardens. You will feel a gently tingle and tightening of your skin as this occurs and that's great - it's working and it's not uncomfortable at all.

After 10 minutes, wash your face thoroughly and you are done!!

Just as a tip, this is a great time to pop a couple of tea bags on your eyes to give them a little rejuvenation while tending to your skin! Yes, I know the visual is incredible, but I warned you - I was a scary clay monster!


Does not leave your skin feeling dry

Washes off easily

Does not tighten your skin to the point of any discomfort, unlike some I have tried

Will not break off your face should you have family members who like to make you laugh hysterically while in mid treatment! (Although best to try to keep your face still).

20ml bottle lasts for about a year if you only do this once or twice a month!

Not tested on animals!


I remember this being a little pricey at the time, but I purchased it on sale!

In certain temperatures this may take a little longer to dry so may need a little longer than 10 minutes to complete the treatment.

Finding 10 minutes in a day where I can do nothing!!


I recommend this product on the basis that I have tried many variations of face packs/face masques in my 38 years and find this the least abrasive, least heavily scented and most pleasant to use.

I was planning on adding a photo of me in "mid masque", but I feared it may be too terrifying for the site. I am still considering the possibility......