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You Need A Little Ohhh Shock Treatment!

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From Richard O'Brien the writer of The Rocky Horror Picture Show comes another adventure with Brad Majors and Janet Weiss! This follows the now married couple to The Denton Television Studios which as we found out is a small community in itself and it hosts the very popular game show Marriage Maze. Brad and Janet are picked by the game shows blind host Burt Schnit to appear on Marriage Maze where it is decided that Brad needs "treatment" because he is "an emotion cripple" and is taken to Denton Vale. Brad disapears into the mental ward to be cared for by Cosmo McKinley (Richard O'Brien) and his sister Nation McKinley. (Patricia Quinn)

While it is decided that Janet will be the star of the new hit show Faith Factory by Farley Flavors the sponsor of Denton Vale. Brad is kept locked up getting pumped with medication by nurse Ansalong (Little Neil) while Janet is getting a self esteem boost and gaining TV popularity. While the soon to be divorced Betty Hapschatt and Judge Oliver Wright (Charles Gray) have their segiment of the show cancelled. Betty and Judge Oliver decide to do some investigating into Denton Vale's staff and find a few interesting facts on Farley Flavors. They then decide it is time to break Brad out to win Janet back and get them out.

I had heard for a long time that there was a sequal to Rocky Horror but it has been hard to find. This movie is not like Rocky Horror there is no cross dressing, no frozen half brained ex pizza delivery boy and no fishnet and high heels, at least not for the men.This is a new breed of cult classic all its own and very much filled with 70s and 80s flare. There are many enjoyable songs having been written once again by Richard O'Brien and it is so much fun!