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You Need To Get A Wii

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By kingshockey04 on
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This thing is AMAZING. We have been playing Wii Sports non-stop. Can't wait to get to the other games! So what sets the Wii apart? The feeling of being immersed into the game. Sure, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have all the technology advances built in to them. They are the cutting edge as far as graphics and video, but neither of those captured me as much as the Wii.

The Remote is what really sets it apart. You can't sit down and play this thing. So much for being a couch potato! You have to get up and MOVE. You don't lounge back and gain pounds here while playing games. Boxing can be quite strenuous, jabbing, blocking and weaving in real life. Tennis involves quick reflexes and strong arm movements. Bowling might be the most relaxed of the sports, but even there you are standing, moving, swinging. You get your heart going at least a little, and get some exercise. It's perfect for the out of shape kid.