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You See, You See? I Told You So!

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forbiddenglory By forbiddenglory on
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"So, you're telling me that it's good and best of all - free?"

Yep, that's exactly what this program in the end comes out to be. In my own opinion, it's more than just a "good" cleaner - oh, it's much more better than that and when you're comparing this to other computer cluster cleaners that even charge you a price, this program alone puts it to deep shame. No, not because it's free - it's basically because of what it's capable of doing, and in one particular instance, I had an issue whereas my computer lagged for no reason, and I desperately tried to resolve that by using programs such as Tune-Up Utilities and System Cleaner, which are also good programs since they provide the user with more than just a registry/computer clean.

Problem is, their "engines" were pretty much inferior as compared to that of CCleaner's. Left some unwanted stuff behind which came to my surprise (which of course was picked up by CCleaner). I pretty much use this program every single day whenever I'm on the computer, and ever since I started using it, my computer has been running brilliantly, in terms of speed and response time. Now, this doesn't go to say that it'll give you lightning speeds since you must take into account the speed of your own computer (in my case it's 256MB's of RAM, and that's surprising that my computer runs this fast).

For those who aren't already aware as to what determines the speed of your computer - the higher the RAM (Random Access Memory), the faster it'll run, as simple as that sounds. Not only that, the gigahertz (GHz) also comes into play when it comes to computer speed determination. That aside, since my first day of using this, I've been HOOKED and I don't plan on using anything similar to that because I'm pretty sure there's nothing that could even come close to the magic this bad boy brings! Even if you have something that you've paid for and that has been working well for you, why not give this a try and see for yourself?