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You Will Always Know If Something Is Too Hot.

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When our little ones get to a certain age they want to be so much more independent. And for us parents independents is great, but safety is very important.

First Years Easy Gripper Smart Serve is designed for just that, it gives your child the independence as well as the safety.

This spoon and fork set is aged for 9 months and up, it is designed for the early self feeding stage, with it's chucky grips that fit perfectly in the little ones hands, the tips of the fork are blunt so no danger of them stabbing or pricking themselves, the length of the spoon and fork are great for the little ones that hold them in fist that it will reach they mouths without a struggle. I have seen some spoons that the handle is just a little to long for the little ones to be able to eat comfortably. And the best feature is that they are temperature controlled, this means that if the end of the spoon of fork touch hot food it will change colors to let you know it is too hot. The green set turns yellow when hot and the red sets turns white when hot.

We got these sets three years ago, they are very durable and last forever, we have put them in the dishwasher and they came out just fine.

Both my girls still use these, aged 2-3, and they think they are just great that they change colors. I serve them there food just a little warmer because they like to blow on there food to cool it off, and they love to watch there spoon or fork change colors.

When we got these back three years ago they only had the two color set red or green, I'm not sure if they are sold in more colors now.

First years easy gripper smart serve is a fun and safe set for you little ones.