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You Will Die. Many Times.

Reviewing: Atlus Demon's Souls (Ps3)  |  Rating:
By zalyse1337 on
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I found out about this game through a friend. This person told me it was one of the hardest games ever, which is what made me accept the challenge of this game. Demon's Souls is an M-rated role-playing game where you have to kill a bunch of demon's in a variety of worlds. There are just so many things that work for this game, and make it different from others.

While I don't have much to compare it to, the graphics in this game are excellent, some scenes look very realistic, and have excellent scenery. During one of the opening scenes you see a great view of mountains and it makes you appreciate all the time taken to create such a visually appealing game. The scenery isn't the only thing well designed, everything else, from your character to the demons, also are greatly detailed. The sounds are also well done, with demon groans and sword blades slashing through the air accurately placed.

While all aspects of this game are great, the part that makes Demon's Souls so unique is the online part of it. Throughout the game, you're constantly online, though often times not playing directly with other players, you do end up interacting with them often throughout the game. You and other players can leave messages all throughout the game that other players can see, which can make you aware of items, demons, gaps in the ground, or anything important to the game play that you otherwise might miss. Another great part of this game is the "blood-stain" bit. When you die, you leave a mark on the ground, and others can touch it to see how you died. This can warn players of a hidden enemy nearby that they should watch out for. Other online things you can do in the game include co-op, where you help (or get helped) someone get through the level they're working on, or you can invade other people's worlds, which is when you can potentially try to ruin their progress in the level and make them die and have to start over.

For the actual gameplay, you are going to die. It starts off in the tutorial, where the end is nearly impossible to beat. Then there's also the catch to dying: when you do so, you lose all the souls you've collected (currency in the game), you have to start the level from the beginning (there are no "checkpoints" in any level), and also the level gets a bit harder to beat the future times you try. This can, and will, get frustrating, but the key to the game is that you pay attention to your surroundings, and all the enemies have a pattern in the way they attack, and the sooner you learn the patterns, the better luck you'll have.

The game is rated M, but some may question the rating. From as far as I've seen, there are no sexual themes in the game, I don't think any characters even really wear any revealing clothes. No drugs either. The M rating most likely comes from the blood and the dark themes. The blood, when on, some may think it's too graphic, but I play with it off and you see nothing. Though in some places there are dead bodies lying around, with blood surrounding them that you can't turn off, which brings to the next reason: dark themes. The whole game is pretty dark. From the mentioned dead bodies lying around to the demons, to the concept of collecting souls, it's definitely not a game you'd want to get if you're looking for something cheery and fun. You also have options to kill some of the people who help you through the game to unlock new events, items, etc, and many of the bosses are so much bigger than your character's size!

I've only touched on the basics of the game, Demon's Souls is a game that will definitely keep one amused for a long time, with so many ways to play (until you get too angry at it, that is!).