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You Will Not Know What Hit You!

Reviewing: Sega Shining Force Neo  |  Rating:
Kevin Roman By Kevin Roman on
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This game starts off decent, but wears off because the plot is laughable due to the bad acting, the game has slowdown and you can die in 1 hit against a swarm of enemies. The graphics are pretty good, but the slowdown can get very annoying after a while, once 80 guys gang up on you. However, the acting is terrible. It's hard to take the characters seriously when hearing them makes me laugh. The battle quotes repeat themselves a million times too, so hearing Meryl go "Hot stuff coming your way!" for the millionth time gets aggravating fast.

Shining Force Neo has your typical cliche good versus evil story with nothing really interesting. The acting is so bad it makes it even more forgettable.

The game starts off decently but it gets repetitive and really cheap eventually. It costs a fortune to upgrade your weapons and armor, and you have these interesting force arts but take another fortune of that currency type to build up. Force arts increase your defense and skills but take a long time to master. I do like how you level up quickly though, but the levels don't feel that much different; it's the force arts that make the difference. I think I was on level 80 or so in 35 hours, but still got killed in 1 hit.

This happens very often. There are up to 80 enemies on the screen as the back of the box advertises, but they obviously don't advertise how it creates a lot of slowdown. The slowdown is bad in this sense because you can get hit without even knowing it and die before you even think about recovering. So for me, this created the boring keep-away game where I have a bow and fire a million arrows all the live long day.

You get a couple of skills via your weapons and Max is able to equip rods, staves, swords of various sizes, and bows. The force arts let him do more damage with spells as well but this game is just too aggravating to play with the slowdown, 1 hit deaths, and laughable acting. I'll never forget that skeleton who sounded so stupid trying to threaten me.