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You'll Want To Play This One Over And Over

Reviewing: Sony Play Station 1 Azure Dreams  |  Rating:
smmm By smmm on
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To start off, the graphics aren't the greatest, but games shouldn't be all about the graphics. Even though the sprites are pretty SNES-level, you still have the option of rotating the camera 360 degrees, which is pretty nice. The sound isn't too great either - just your typical dungeon crawling music and sound effects most of time. Easier to just mute it and use your iPod.

It's your typical RPG, but without many of the sidequests. One thing you can do is obtain a mass amount of cash to rebuild your house and town. You can also obtain a wide variety of girlfriends depending on what you do - it's a pretty interesting mechanic.

The gameplay is pretty simple. You take a turn, and then the enemy takes a turn. You can choose to not attack in certain situations so that you don't put yourself in compromising positions, but in the end it really is simple.

The game is simple, but is somehow very addictive - plus, it does have a sort of "quirky" personality about it. I'd say to definitely give it a try.