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Your Meals Stay Fresh For Less!!!

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By angelkisses on
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I have owned this Seal a Meal for about a year. I have used to seal all types of food from Beef to a Piece of cake (which I would not recommend sealing the cake it gets ugly). When I first bought the Seal a Meal my husband thought I was crazy untill one day him and his buddies decided to do an experement with the seal a meal, they cut a piece of cake and sealed it, put it the freezer and left it in there for the maxium amount of time that is recommended by Rival for freezing foods in the Seal a meal bags which is 6 months, after six months my husband and his friends opened the sealed cake and ate it. They all said it tased as fresh as the day the cake was baked with frosting and all. When sealing the meats they come out so fresh and tasty as if you were pulling it out of the package the day you bought it from the butcher and the Veggies are fantastic tasting as if they were fresh as well.

How it work is Revil makes bags that allow you to cut your own size which is perfect if you have alot if food to store.

1. Cut the size you need seal one end of the bag

2. Put you food in

3. Insert the other end of the bag in and press the top of the machine, it will suck all the air out

4. Write the contants and the date on the out side and put it in the freezer.

The entire process take about 2 min total.

I have the smaller system. The Seal a meal is so easy to clean just use soap and water and your done. The bags cost is $19.99 for two rolls of bags. I usually get about 100 bags to one roll. I have saved so much money by not throwing away freezer burned foods and by not having to buy ziplock bags. Seal a Meal is worth every penny .