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Youth Is No More A Receding Lotus!

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By debra on
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Yes! Youth is no more a receding lotus!

Harvey Prince, New York presents Ageless Fantasy perfume that makes its wearer perceived as at least 8 years younger. The fresh, rejuvenating grapefruit scent relates to coziness, comfort and joy of youth.

Aging is a fact, whereas anti-aging is a concept. Is it true? We try our best to stay young, but the more we care the more we age. That's simply because emphasis is given only on how we look and never give a second though on how we smell. After the age of 40, human body secrets an odorous chemical known as "noneal". This is almost absent in the 20s or 30s. But it becomes badly prominent at the later age. Ageless is engineered to hide this odor and empowers women by revealing a beautiful fragrance. It has a mixed composition of pink grapefruits, pineapple, mango, pomegranates, peony, musk and jasmine. Various researches prove that men associate tropical fruits fragrance with sweet childhood memories and hence it refers to a younger lady. This is just the opposite of rose essence which reminds of the older lady. So anti-aging is not a concept but fact!

It is the first anti-age perfume and of course a "prescription free youth in a bottle". Soft, beautiful, feminine - Ageless Fantasy is a wonderful creation in itself.