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You've Got Mail And It's From Mickey !

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You've got mail from Mickey Mouse!

I plan to use these cute bubble mailers when we visit Disney World in September. We will be meeting our family there which includes our two adorable grandchildren. I will be buying something to put inside and leaving it on their beds for them when they wake up one morning. They will not know that it came from me, it will be a secret gift. So shhhh don't tell them!

Imagine the excitement they will feel knowing that they got mail from Mickey Mouse while they are at Disney World! I haven't decided what I am going to put inside the bubble mailers yet. I was thinking a gift card or a toy.

This beautiful red bubble mailer is 6 3/8" x 8 3/4 " and has Mickey Mouse and Pluto on the front and on the back. Mickey has his arm around his favorite pet! They are both brightly colored and look great against the cherry red mailer. It is self sealing so all you have to do it stuff the envelope and then pull the tape off to expose the adhesive. Press down on the envelope and it seals tightly. Make sure you have everything you want inside before you seal it because it will not open back up unless you rip open the package. The bubble mailers are tamper proof. If someone tries to open your package you will know because it will have a big tear in the material.

This bubble mailer envelope is from the United States Postal Service. I bought mine at my local post office. This was only $1.89! You could buy a boring envelope and pay just about the same price. This is colorful and Disney themed so you are really getting a deal. This is going to make my grandchildren scream with joy and that's priceless!

I wish these came in bigger sizes but this is the only size they had at my post office.

If you have a Disney fan in your family....surprise them with this bright red Disney bubble mailer. I wonder if they make one with Tinkerbell on it?

Update On Sep 13, 2008: Well this worked out well! I put a note in each envelope, telling each of my grandchildren that Mickey was proud of they way they were behaving at the Disney parks. So because they were so good, Mickey has left them a special gift! I put their toys in a Disney bag and left it at their hotel door. My room was next door so we peeked at them while they found their packages. They were so excited!