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Yummy And Chewy!

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Lately, I've been on a real sugar kick. I had some candy left over from last Halloween and was immediately drawn to the Now and Laters in my stash. I bought a huge mixed bag of candy for trick-or-treaters a year ago. I didn't realize at the time that no children would show up (I had just moved). I live in a rural area on a long dark street. No one showed up, not even during the day, so I was left with a bunch of candy.

These remind me of bigger, much harder to chew Starbursts. They seem to be made out taffy. When I first start chewing, the piece kind of sticks to my teeth and its consistency is a little tough, but as I go, it becomes softer pretty quickly. As I chew, my mouth is filled with intense, sweet, fruit flavor.

My favorite right now is Strawberry. The other flavors in my mixed bag are cherry, green apple and watermelon. I had grape, but I threw all of those out. I hate grape-flavored candy. Now and Laters come in 24 flavors, including many unique ones, like Banana/Strawberry split, Cherry/Limeade split, Green Tingleberry, Hulaberry, Mango Melon, Mystery Mix, Tropical Lemonade, and Sour Soft (Orange, Strawberry, Raspberry). When I was looking through the flavors, I noted a couple that weren't distinct or unheardof by any means, but I never knew that they were Now and Laters flavors. Those flavors were Peppermint and Vanilla. I didn't realize it while I was eating these, but apparently the shelf life of these is no longer than 1 month. When these are exposed to air, the inner layers can get harder and harder (This information found here). I kept them in their wrappers, of course, but I imagine a year is past their expiration date. I still found them quite delicious, but I recommend not eating them past 1 month!