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Yummy Caramel In Chocolate!

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My husband and I would buy anything that says caramel on the label. But most of the time, we get disappointed because not a lot of them really taste like caramel.We like the chew, gooey caramel that is in the hot caramel sundae of McDonalds.

But last New Year's Eve dinner, my husband's aunt gave out chocolates, 1 bar per couple--the Cadbury Caramello. Well, I thought it must have been another caramel flavored chocolate bar. We bought it home and stored it in the ref and saved it for another day.

Several days later, I was craving for sweets and remembered Cadbury Caramello. Boy was I in for a surprise! In one bar there are about 6 lumps, I think. Each lump had chewy and gooey caramel inside! Even if the bar was refrigerated, the caramel did not harden. I loved it!

Well, the chocolate itself leaves much to be improved, after all, we all know that Cadbury chocolate is not as good as let's say Ghirardelli or Godiva. But beggars can't be choosers. I love this chocolate! By the way, I liked the fact that it was refrigerated before we ate the chocolate because the chocolate was firm or hard, but not very hard, and yet the caramel inside remained gooey. It was a very nice combination!

I have seen this in the mall and I will definitely get some when I go back to the candy store.