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Zack And Miri... What A Terrible Movie...

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chenault By chenault on
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Last night my husband rented a video. We both normally enoy Kevin Smith movies, like Clerks, Chasing Amy, Jersey Girl and so on. I really didn't expect this one to be that great and I was right. Zack and Miri is possibly one of the worse movies I have had the misfortune of viewing in 2009.

To start off with this movie is simply just vulgar. Sure I knew the idea was for these 2 friends to make a porno to pay their rent, but I really did not anticipate this movie turning my stomachand making me blush due to the language, nudity and gross dialouge.

The movie also seemed really long, which didn't help matters any. I basically watched the clock awaiting it to end.

My husband didn't enjoy this one either, he said "it was nasty, it lacked humor."

So, in my opinion, unless you find vulgar displays of nudity and pervasive language to be hilarious and or entertaining, I would recommend skipping Zack and Miri. I give it 2 thumbs down, it was a waste of my time. i am just glad we didn't purchase this nasty movie before watching it.