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Zelda: The Twilight Princess

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harleyquinn By harleyquinn on
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Zelda: The Twilight Princess was the Wii's best launch title by far. The game is very similar in game play as the last few entries in the series (Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker) with the welcome addition of the Wiimote's interactivity. You get to swing your sword and aim your crossbow (along with other movements), what more could you need? How about fantastic graphics with a more mature Link than in The Wind Waker? This game is a must have for any adventure game fan. It is rated T for Teen due to the fact that you kill monsters, but most gamers 8 and up will be able to enjoy the game. There is no blood or graphic kills. The monster's just poof in a cloud of smoke.

The game once again centers on Link rescuing Zelda and many of the favorite features that make this series in such demand are included, plus we get the Twilight Princess. I think this game's story is possibly the best in the series with great twists and turns.

If riding a horse, shooting a bow, finding treasure and exploring dungeons are your idea of entertainment, this is the game for you!