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Zen Stone Mp3 Player

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kalar By kalar on
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For those who don't want the standard iPod music player, the choices of various MP3 players are nearly endless. In choosing my first MP3 player, I aimed for middle of the road price and features.

The Creative Zen Stone Plus offers 2 GB of music storage, which is more than enough for our current music collection. All this storage is packed into a one inch by two inch by 1/4 inch thick MP3 player. The small size is impressive because although it is tiny, it is not fragile.

This compact MP3 player comes with a quick set up. In spite of it being my first attempt, I was downloading CD's to the MP3 player within twenty minutes. The small display gives an easy to read signal when the songs are being loaded, to avoid pulling the plug on the MP3 player while synchronizing the music.

The sound quality for the Zen Stone Plus is good, although the ear buds that are included are definitely not the hightest quality.

Along with mediocre ear buds, there are a few other small problems with this small MP3 player. Just as the micro-sized player is impressively small, its controls and display are also very small. For myself, I can manipulate the small dial with few mistakes, but my husband finds the dials maddeningly hard to control, simply because they are so small.

In keeping with the theme of small, the USB cord is also very short, and leaves no extra for putting the MP3 player any further than a few inches from the computer. In my household, this means that while charging the battery with the computer, little hands can get ahold of the Zen Stone Plus. A longer cord would allow us to move the cute little blue Zen Stone further away from curious fingers.

For the fashion forward, the Zen Stone Plus comes in a variety of colors, but the ear buds included are white, regardless of color ordered.

For those looking for a decent first MP3 player, or looking to outfit a son or daughter with one, the Zen Stone Plus is adequate for this type of use. Those who require more bells and whistles will not want to try out this little gem.