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Zenith Motion Lights Shower Our Driveway With Light!

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Zenith Motion Sensing Light

When we bought our house, two outdoor floodlights did not work. We decided it was time to fix the problem. After a bit of troubleshooting, we discovered the old fixtures were dead. We bought new Zenith Motion Sensing floodlights to replace them.

When we examined the old lights, we found the wires were constantly hot and did not power on with a switch, they were directly wired to the breaker. Our only option was to replace the fixtures with motion sensing lights: the lights would be off during the day and only come on at night when they detect movement. We know Zenith products and felt their motion sensing floodlights would do the job.

We chose the Zenith Motion Sensing Lights because the color blended with the house trim, the fixtures are made of sturdy metal, and they are weather resistant. The light kit only includes the fixture. You must purchase the 90-watt bulbs separately (about $8 for a pair). Along with sensitivity settings, up to a range of 70 feet, you have a choice of the amount of time you want the light to remain on when activated: one, five, or ten minutes. In addition, you can override the sensor to have them remain on. The light range is 150 degrees. Beside the security of having a light come on when it detects motion, these lights are inexpensive, and easy to install.

The sensitivity sensor setting works extremely well (we set ours on low). We have several small creatures that roam around our house and, for the most part, they do not trigger the light. Humans and vehicles do make the lights to come on though, so for security they are serving a purpose.

Having the new light source has made quite a difference for us. We no longer have to leave our porch lights on when we leave the house, which is a waste of electricity. We are greeted with light when we return home in darkness. I recommend the Zenith Motion Sensing Lights for anyone needing to light their driveway.