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Zheng Gu Shui Liniment

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By mjevans on
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Recently my dog Winston injured his back. He is half Dachshund, a breed notorious for back problems. He'd jumped off a bed the night before, but it wasn't until the next morning signs of any problems began to appear.

At the time, we didn't know what was wrong with him. He sat trembling on the floor, barely able to move his hind legs, his tongue pale, and a glazed look to his eyes. He didn't wag his tail, or even seem to notice us moving around him.

We administered the homeopathic remedy Arnica until we could get him into the vet. We saw a mild improvement; he lost the dazed look, regained some color to his tongue, and managed a small wag of his tail.

X-rays and an exam revealed the back injury. At the time the vet diagnosed him with a mild paralysis indicated by slow and slightly impaired reflexes in his hind legs. The vet prescribed prednisone and confined rest for two weeks.

After we got Winston back home, he was obviously exhausted, and still groggy from the sedative he was given in order to take the x-rays. Yet he was also restless, seemingly unable to find a comfortable way to lie down.

At that point I rubbed some Zheng Gu Shui liniment on him.

I'd discovered the liniment at the recommendation of a friend for horses with leg issues. Since then I'd used it on myself for bruising and sore muscles, and on the horses for arthritis and other problems.

Within half an hour of applying the liniment, Winston was lying down. A short while later he was deeply sleeping, rolled on his side and completely relaxed. Earlier he'd fought lying on his sides at all, obviously finding it too painful.

When he woke up and began moving around, he wagged his tail easily. While his movement in the rear was still stiff, he moved much easier.

The first day he could walk down the steps to the house, but had to be carried up them. By the second day he could walk up and down the stairs without a problem.

When talking to the vet on the second day, he was astounded that Winston had recovered from the mild paralysis he'd shown that fast. The vet said that it was almost unheard of.

While I do believe the prednisone and the continued administration of the homeopathic Arnica have helped tremendously, I have no doubt in my mind that the Zheng Gu Shui liniment made the biggest difference.

Winston fully recovered from his incident with no lasting problems.

The only negative I have found with the liniment is that is can deaden pain to the extent that the animal or person may overdo because there is no pain there to limit them from doing too much.

The liniment does feel cool or cold when applied and continues to feel so afterwards. If you are already chilled this is not always a pleasant sensation. Also might not be comfortable for someone with very sensitive skin.