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Zicam Cough Max Cough Spray

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Jenn Huffer By Jenn Huffer on
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I started getting a soar throat and cough a week or so ago so I needed something to help with this. I didn't have a stuffy nose or anything just a soar throat which lead to the coughing. I have used Zicam products before with wonderful results (the nose swabs for example) so I thought I would try something for throat and cough. I bought the Cough Max Cough Spray to see if it worked as well as the nose swabs do with colds.

According to the packaging the cough spray is to last up to 8 hours and is to suppress coughing caused by throat irritation. The box says it is easy to use with no measuring (was...it suggests 5 sprays for people over the age of 12 and to consult a doctor for those under the age of 12) and have a "Pleasant Flavor" (WRONG!). This product claims to be a "Cool Cherry" flavor but I didn't taste anything cool or anything cherry for that matter. It has an awful taste and I do mean awful and no amount of drinking anything afterward will get rid of the taste. I drank water, juice, soda and even brushed my teeth and I could still taste it and it is not a pleasant taste.

The product did seem to work though. I did feel better after using it. my throat still hurt but not to the extreme that it did before use. It also helped suppress the coughing and it did last for many hours before having to take again (thank goodness because I do not think I could have done with that taste every 4 hours).

Over all this product did what it suggested it was to do but they defenatly need to work on the taste factor. It was horrible. There are some warnings on the product about not taking if you are currently taking an MAOI so consult with your doctor before taking if you take or have taken an MAOI.