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Zicam Multi Symptom Cold Flu

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topenga By topenga on
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I bought this product a week ago, desperate for anything to alleviate my symptoms. I had previous success with the Zicam Nasal Gel. On the bottle, it says "any flavor" and "Virtually taste free when mixed in any hot or cold beverage". My first dose, I took straight. I wasn't thirsty and just wanted to take some medication and head for bed. I should have listened to the packaging. Do not take this straight. It is horrid. Think of the most overprocessed, artificially sweetened thing you can think of and add more sweetener to it. That's what it tasted like. Thick, clear, over processed syrup.

My next dose, I added to a cup of hot tea. Over processed HOT syrup. The next dose, plain cold water. Minor success! The chill of the water deadened my tastebuds just a bit so it only tasted of watered down syrup. My final dose I took with limeade. Wrong. So very wrong. This stuff is horrid any way you take it. And before you say "well, it's medicine, it isn't supposed to taste good." No. This is a different level of horrid.

Taste aside, it did clear my nose and stopped my sneezing for a while. I stopped taking it because I just couldn't bear the taste anymore. Honestly, there are better alternatives. The only other positive I can see is that on the Zicam site, there are testimonials. One woman remarked that it was one of the very few approved cold drugs for pregnant women (ask your doctor to be sure).