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Zicam Nasal Swabs

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rfordin By rfordin on
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After having a rough winter of colds at my house and a high Dr. bill when my family came down with the "next round" of illness I decided I needed a better answer then running to the Dr. (I do not recommend not going to the Dr. if necessary). In my case we all had a head cold and I knew we could survive with the help of our local drug store. Normally I combine cough medicine and a decongestant with a bunch of love and tissues to help cure the cold of my children (and husband). I had heard the hype about Zicam and in all honesty was quite skeptical about the promises made by this product. I bought a box (although I was hesitant to spend so much on a product that I was not familiar with the effectiveness). I brought home the Zicam and the "backup" remedies just in case I was right and the Zicam was not all it said it was cracked up to be. I used a swab on myself and my husband and waited for results. We were so pleased and within seconds were able to breathe again through our once congested noses. The effect was almost instant we were sold.

Overall: If you feel it is necessary to go to the Dr. please do however if a trip to your local drug/grocery store will do the trick I suggest checking out the Zicam line. They have many different varieties such as nasal spray, swabs, drinks, and cough drops and although I have very limited experience with the different varieties at this time I will definitely try the other types when the next virus rolls around because of how impressed I was with the results of the first attempt! Good Job Zicam...