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Zicam Rapid Melts Vitamin C

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By joey on
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I saw this product in B.J.'S Warehouse and I had heard good things about it. My girlfriend recently tried their product with the cotton swabs for the nose. She felt that it lessened the duration of the cold by quite a bit. I am currently trying these rapid melts and so far I have to say they are working pretty well.

When I catch a cold it usually hangs on an incredibly long time. I can already tell that it has made a difference. I have a feeling I am going to be using these quite a bit as there is alot of colds going around at work. Seems I get rid of one cold and another is not too far away. The box came with 45 tablets that quickly dissolve in your mouth. They say you are to take one every 3 hours and up to 48 hours after the colds symptoms have subsided.

I like these because they are so easy to take. They have a pleasant taste to them. Further you are not supposed to take them on an empty stomach or eat or drink until at least 15 minutes after you take one of these. To check these out please go to www.zicam.com A very nicely done homeopathic product.