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Zicam Rapidmelts Don't Melt My Heart.

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pumpkinfish By pumpkinfish on
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I think I'm a pretty good reviewer of cold medicines. I often gets colds throughout the year at the drop of a dime. I am a huge fan of Zicam products after using their gel swabs on my last few colds so I decided to try their RapidMelts with Vitamin C.

There are 25 Quick Dissolve Tablets that come in every package. I'm a huge fan of citrus flavor so was just as eager to try the "flavor" of the product as it's effectiveness. The tablets are fairly small with the top half orange and the bottom halve white in color.

Upon first tasting the product my initial reaction was "gross!". I am used to tasting cough drops that have the full flavor of the product. Instead, the RapidMelts give off a slight citrus/orange flavor and an intense medicine taste. I was only able to try these for one day as I couldn't handle the taste any further than that. My coworker also tried one (because I thought it was just my taste buds) and she quickly spit it out.

I stand behind the Zicam products as a whole, but unfortunately I cannot get past the taste of the RapidMelts. The active ingredients zincum aceticum and zincum gluconicum help to reduce the duration of the common cold which is a major plus. I did feel better after using the product for a day. Basically if you don't have taste buds and don't mind medicine taste, this product will be perfect for you!