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Zinc Capsules

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My husband and I, we’ve been married for almost three years now and we haven’t got a child. There has been no pregnancy sign so far so we’re a little bit afraid. We’ve been to the doctor and found out that my husband’s sperm count was far less than the suggested normal count. We’ve tried medicines from the doctor’s prescription but no results. In our desperation, my brother introduced us this product, Tiens Zinc Capsules. You see, he is a Tiens representative (Tiens is an MLM company based in China, manufacturer of health products). He said that this product could help vitalize and vigor Mr. P, and also increase the sperm count as well (I’ve heard before that Zinc is very good for the sperm count). It comes in a pot and contains 60 capsules, to be taken twice a day with warm water, 4 capsules at once (my hubby only takes 2 capsules at one time, still twice a day though). My hubby has been consuming it for almost two months now, but so far we haven’t checked the sperm count at the lab. He’s still consuming it, and like my brother said, it really helps vitalize and vigor Mr. P. My hubby is satisfied with it, although we’re still hoping for the increasing sperm count. I will post the ingredients here: Egg protein powder 50 mg, Glucose 143 mg, Zinc lactate (Zn = 0.93 mg) 4 mg, Magnesium Stearate (Mg = 0.32 mg) 1 mg. Oh I really hope that this product can help us through this.