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Zojirushi Ns Pc10 Electric 5 Cup Rice Cooker

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By pdcd on
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The Zojirushi company is pretty well known for their rice makers. When initially searching for a rice maker I read a lot about other peoples experiences and decided the NS-PC10 was for me.

The NS-PC10 comes with the rice cooker base, removable metal pan, cup for easy measuring, and a large plastic spoon/spatula for removing the rice. The NS-PC10 is designed and tested to cook up to 5 cups of white rice (or smaller amounts of brown rice). It will also keep the rice fresh and warm for half a day after it's done.

For those that don't understand how hands-off rice cookers are I'll explain how they work. Rice and water is added and the cooker is turned on. As the heating element gets hotter the water eventually boils away. If the correct amount of water was put in, the rice will be done by the time it evaporates. If too little is put in, the rice will be undercooked, and if too much is put in, the rice will be overcooked. Once all the water is gone, the temperature of the food inside will increase beyond the boiling point of water. An internal thermometer detects this and turns the device to a lower heating mode to keep it warm. Most future water that escapes will be contained as long as the cooker is kept closed.

The NS-PC10 has done a great job in the 4 years I've had it. It does white rice perfectly, and 5 cups should be enough to feed a large family for a day, so unless you're running a restaurant, this is the perfect size. You can tell the Japanese design is present in this kitchen appliance. In Japan things are often left plugged in all the time and each outlet has an individual switch that can be turned on and off. As such, this device switches on as soon as you plug it in and immediately goes to warming mode. If you want to turn it off totally, you have to unplug it. Also, the power cord coils up underneath and inside it, presumably to save space when it's stored.

The only gripe I have with this rice cooker, although it's a necessary evil with any rice cooker that does a good job, is the cleaning. The pan is very easy to clean as it's nonstick. However after you use it you also have to empty a dew collector that gathers a small amount of the evaporated water (a teaspoon or so) and you also have to take apart a 3-piece rubber thing attached to the top of the rice cooker on the inside to clean it out as well. All these things are important to make sure you get high quality rice, but it's kind of a pain at the same time.

All that said, I love this rice maker, still use it frequently after several years, and if I do decide to upgrade I will definitely look at Zojirushi first.