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Zoloft: Is It Good For You?

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By jenlynn30 on
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I currently take Zoloft and have for one year. This product has been effective in helping me maintain my depression. It is very effective in adults. I may not recommend this for children though unless you thoroughly do research on the product. This product has helped with my mood swings, and feelings of worthlessness. When taking this product you may have to have the medication slowly increased by your physician for safety.

This form of medication is also best to take at the same time daily, and take with a full glass of water and food to keep from getting an upset stomach. There are some minor side effects of the product, but overall it does what it is meant to do. I would recommend anyone who is contemplating with depression to talk to their doctor so they can try out this medication. Antidepressants vary from person to person, and sometimes it may take a little while to find the right dosage and medication that is right for your body.

This medication could save someones life who is fighting with severe depression and can't handle daily life. I would suggest you talk to your doctor if you are having trouble and find what is best for you.