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Zombies! ........ Nazi Zombies

Reviewing: Treyarch Call Of Duty: World At War(Xbox 360)  |  Rating:
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that guy is in trouble

Call of Duty: World at War for Xbox 360 is one of the most intense addictive game that I've played in a while. Although the game came out nearly two and half years ago, I still play it very often today. I am a very experienced gamer and I have played games almost as much as it can probably be not just a hobby but a job for me. I play them addictively especially shooter games and I can tell you can trust me. Ok so World at War has a multiplayer gameplay called Nazi Zombies after playing the campaign or after getting bored of playing the game online via Xbox live, then the fun has just begun for you. Nazi Zombies has four complete maps that you play with 3 other friends through Xbox live or on your own Xbox. The object of Nazi Zombies is to survive endless hordes of zombies zombie zombies. It is very cool because there is so much you can do throughout the maps for example, on the latest map you can upgrade weapons to make them cause more damage. Nazi Zombies is addictive for me because you play every match and you get better and more into it than before, you always are wanting more zombies. Also for every new Zombies match you come up with multiple or mainly one strategy to survive. I truly recommend Call of Duty:World at War for anyone who plays shooter games such as any other Call of Duty game on Xbox or shooter games in general. Another big reason to buy this game is because now the game is a very available game because of the price, the price may be lower than what I said it was. Any questions or interested in playing some zombies message me at [email protected]