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Zone Alarm

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Wayne Wilkins By Wayne Wilkins on
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ZoneAlarm - Whether you go free, whether you pro or whether you go for the full package, no matter what, you get THE greatest security measure that an Internet user could ever take. An investment in its own right and one that will protect your computer from all of those unwanted nasties making your Internet a safe place for the entire family to enjoy!

Zone Alarm, depending on which product you use, has a range of prices and a range of features. The prices vary, starting from FREE for the basic set-up of Zone Alarm, to a higher price for those who want the full range of products, features and capabilities of this unique Internet security product. I have personally used Zone Alarm free for many years and have NEVER had a single problem with my computer since the installation. Before that, I was working my Internet with the likes of Norton and Bullguard, and contrary to popular belief, those two products not only slow your computer down compared to the high-speed function of Zone Alarm, but are not able to keep out and protect you from several Trojans, viruses and un-authorized access to your computer. Zone Alarm in its own right in my personal opinion is the greatest Fire Wall protection package available on the Internet with features such as:


- Internet Zone Security - Depending on the setting, this can prevent ALL access to your PC other than your own, meaning you are not able to share files or allow anyone to access your files without the express permission of you and the settings of your firewall. This is the ultimate hacking protection facility on any firewall I have ever tried.

- Program Control - This setting allows you to select which programs on your computer have what access. For example, a trusted program such as MSN needs to connect to the Internet, but with Zonealarm, you are able to CHOOSE whether you give MSN access to the Internet and secure files or not. This is especially useful for when the odd chance occurs that the program in question has been infected with a virus and you need to block it from spreading via the Internet. A very powerful tool indeed and one that is in fact unique in it's entirety to the zone alarm package.

- Anti-Virus monitor - This built-in program allows you to check how your anti-Virus is functioning, if it is up to date and in top notch condition. This function is generally not needed for modern day Anti-Virus programs as they allow you to check it with their own built-in programs. It is however useful to see if Zone Alarm is compatible with your specific Anti-Virus program.

- Automatic Lock - This setting allows you to cancel all Internet access immediately. This is an emergency security measure that when if a virus or hacker has somehow entered your system, you can IMMEDIATELY cut off ALL Internet access while your computer is still active allowing you or a professional to attempt to solve the problem without the need of Internet access. This stops the hacker or the program from spreading or entering in its entirety also, making it easier to eliminate the threat in question.

These features are just some of the many that Zone Alarm has to offer. Whether you are using Zone Alarm security suite, Zone Alarm Pro or even Zone Alarm Free, they are ALL in the top lists of the greatest Internet security I have ever came in contact with. Combined with the likes of AVG Anti-Virus and simple spyware removal programs and monitors such as Spybot and Ad-Aware, you can be guaranteed a safe image of perfection in your Internet world.