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By shulockabaulugy on
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This wonderfully stupid comedy had me laughing until I teared up. This isn't brainy humor -- it's just bizarre and absurd. Unlike a lot of similarly stupid-funny movies, it doesn't rely as much on scatological humor and fart jokes, although there's some broad sexual humor. Instead, it relies on the actors' ability to delivery incredibly stupid lines with an absolutely straight face. It reminds me of "The Jerk" and "Wayne's World" in that the main character is something of an innocent through ignorance and/or stupidity, and through his ignorance manages to send everything else off-kilter. Only "Zoolander" also features "Manchurian Candidate"-esque brainwashing and an assassination attempt. I was resistant to watching this at first, because so many of the SNL-derived movies since "Wayne's World" have just been completely embarassing and pointless. "Zoolander, " on the other hand, manages to be ludicrous without being wince-worthy, and I love it.