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Zoom Groom Makes Brushing Your Dog A Breeze!

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princessmichelle77 By princessmichelle77 on
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We recently got a new puppy (9-months old now) and while he has short hair and doesn't really shed, there have been a couple of times since we've had him that he has blown his coat and it is a mess of hair everywhere and on everything!

We initially bought a traditional wire bristle pet brush and he hated it. He would run if he saw it and whined when we brushed him with it. I felt so bad for him that I stopped even trying to brush him with it and just dealt with the hair, cleaning it up every day. It only lasted for a couple of weeks and then he stopped losing hair. A few months go by though and it starts up again. I knew we had to find something to groom this poor pooch that didn't hurt him and that would allow us to get rid of all this hair he was losing.

We had a new pet store open in our neighborhood so we went to check it out of course. It was one of the big ones that allows you to bring your pets in with you so with Brownie in tow we took a trip down to see what they had. We were just walking up and down the dog aisles and I saw this rubber brush by Kong. It was called the Zoom Groom and it looked like it would not bother him so much so I picked it up to inspect it. It was made of a very sturdy rubber just like Kong's toys. The brush is about the size of an average woman's hand, there is no handle, it just fits comfortably in your palm. The bristles are fat, rubber cones. I wondered if they would really be affective at picking up the hair because of their size. The brush was a little expensive to me at 9.99 but Kong makes great products so I knew it would last a long time and if it didn't work we could always just give it to Brownie to chew on since the second he saw it he thought he was getting a new toy. LOL

So we get it home and I start brushing Brownie's back with it. He loves it, he gets that "oh mom, I'm in heaven" look on his face. He let me brush him for as long as I needed to and I think he wanted more. The brush worked very well, it removed all the loose hair and held it until I was ready to stop brushing and clean it out. I am very happy with this purchase, it worked better than I expected it to.

It comes in a variety of colors but we got Blue since we have a boy dog. We do have to keep it put out of reach when it's not being used though because Brownie does think it's his toy and would chew it up if he could. Just a word of caution if you have a strong chewer in your house. If it looks like it could be their's they can and will chew it into oblivion!