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Zune 30 Gig White

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marshman998 By marshman998 on
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I won a Zune off of Windows' Live Search Club at club.live.com and I must say it is the best mp3 player I have ever had. I have had it since august 2007, and so far I have had no problems with my little beauty. The only things I regret about the player are that it has no clickwheel (but the 80 gig does), it only accepts certain audio types like wmas and certain video types like mp4s/wmvs, and the fact that I got it so soon before the much superior 80 gig came out. However, due to the fact I got the Zune free, I am not going to complain. There are some great accessory packs like an A/V pack and much more, but I prefer to use accessories made by other companies. I bought a beautiful case for my Zune for seven dollars on Amazon, and I have an iRiver to listen to it through the car speakers. I also have mp3 player speakers for when I'm working out at home, and the only thing I really need now is a car charger and I'm completely set. I recommend the Zune, whether you buy/win the 30 gig version which retails at about 150 dollars right now, or the 80 gig, which retails at 250. Some qualities that the Zune has that are unique are its FM radio which reads the song and station name you are listening to and displays them if the reception is good enough, its wireless transfer ability, the whole Zune network and amazing speed of transfers to the device, and the fact that you can update your device whenever Microsoft releases a new update right through the Zune Network, which is a very basic media program that was adapted from the Windows Media Player. I personally believe that the Zune is much better than the iPod for many reasons, and of course it is made by Microsoft, whom I trust much more than the Apple Corporation. If you are looking for an mp3/video player, I would definitely suggest you go with the wonderful ipod monopoly-killing Zune.