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Zune, A True I Pod Competitor

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I had a 5th generation iPod Video, but the LCD screen broke, so I needed a new mp3 player. I wanted something cheap and had at least 30gb of storage, so I chose the Zune. My first impression is that it is quite thick, its a little less than twice as thick as the iPod Video. The main screen has large font and it allows you to set any image as the background image, a FM radio, and wireless which are really nice features that is missing from the iPod series. The screen is three inches and 320x240 so I can watch my videos with a better widescreen aspect ratio (videos play sideways). The FM radio allows you to save presets and is autosearching. It can even show you the current song playing on supported stations. The wireless is good, but it is not capable of browsing sites. You can only use it to wirelessly sync, and to send songs with other Zune users. Zune users are rare, but two of my friends own Zunes and I was able to send entire albums and pictures. The process is very simple and I can send an entire album in less than four minutes. You can only play the songs three times though, but if you restart the song from the beginning, or go to the next/previous song while its playing; even if there is only a second remaining, it will not count it as a play. The center looks like a touch wheel, but it is actually a circular D-Pad that allows you to select up/down/left/right. The twist interface on the Zune is better than the iPod interface. You can go from browsing artists, to genres without having to take a step back, then choose again. The included headphones are quite cheap, like most that come with mp3 players, but they are magnetic to each other so it is easier to manage. The software is very nice for syncing. When you connect your Zune, you can see exactly what is syncing, what has been added, and what has been removed. The music interface has three panes and allows you to narrow down quickly. It also has built in podcast support, and can convert videos on its own. You can even unsubscribe from podcasts from within the device.

The Zune software allows you to create an account and it can automatically track what songs you play and upload them to an online profile on the internet. You can also see what other Zune users like the same artists as you do. Overall the Zune is a very nice device that was extremely cheap and a great value. The new Zune is also very nice, but a lot more expensive. The original Zune is still a solid player and works great.