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Zune Hd Zune Hd Review

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By jameshe007 on
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The Zune HD is a MP3 player first of all. This is a fairly decent one compared to many out there out on the market. The features it offers are music, video, radio, picture viewing, applications, and web browsing. This come in the storage capacity of 16GB and 32GB. This is is roughly sold for around 150 to 200 dollars which is quite money worth compared to what it can do. The size is fairly small like the size of an Ipod Nano only has a better design and shape. You can view more pictures of the product at http://www.zunescene.com . It compares great to the Itouch so this is one reason I chose it.

The basic features are music, video and photo viewing. This is great and just like any other music players out on the market. The music formats it accepts are .WMV, .WMA, .MP3 and so many other formats which you will be able to find it on the site.

The additional features that makes this product like no other are the radio, web browsing, and applications. The radio is just a standard FM radio where allows you to tune in to your favorite stations locally of course. The applications are games and other tools to help you with ease. Some applications include calculator and chess. These are just some with many more adding to the market place. The web browsing makes this product so much more different. You can fully browse the web, listening to music online and watch the news. There are some limitations that are flash requirements when playing Youtube videos. Not all players have this so this is a big step taken on the Zune HD making it very different than other players.

The Zune HD has a few more gadgets that any other players do not. The Zune HD has a graphics card of the nVidia Tegra chip that other devices don't have such as the Ipod Touch. This improves video quality making it better and cooler to watch your favorite videos or movies. The OLED screen technology improves the touch screen pad. This is only some, but unlike most products there is the wireless sync. This meaning when another user of a Zune product is in range, you can transfer data and other formats to their player and vise versa. The high definition outlet is at 720 pixels also to be high definition. Not only this, but you have the ability to buy songs that was just played on the radio so you can keep it forever. Paying $14.99 a month, you have unlimited access download to the Zune Marketplace. This is all done with the Wi-Fi.

These are some of the advantages, but what are some disadvantages? Some disadvantages are the applications are not in a great quantity. There isn't a lot out yet, but should have more out. With the slim size and weight, the battery is also small. The battery isn't the greatest cannot last too long per charge. This would mean frequent charging. This could change depending on how long you turn you Wi-Fi function on. Sometimes you can actually experience the internet browsing to be quite slow and a lag. Basically all devices more or less have this problem so you can never be sure if the other product you buy won't have this problem.

Overall this is a product you will not regret when you buy it. It offers more than what the price is worth. This will save you money and the need to replacing it. Yet there are some disadvantages, but compared to the advantages and prices it isn't as important. This is one of the must have devices and it will not like Apple products out date yourself and costing you money to get the newer version.