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Zyliss Salad Spinner The Spin Stops Here!

Reviewing: Zyliss 4 6 Serving Size  |  Rating:
Jan Mayrhofer By Jan Mayrhofer on
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This is such a good looking salad spinner! I love the colors. The strong, transparent plastic that it is made of is a subtle periwinkle, while the lid, the inner basket, and the pull are bright lime green. These are very modern and appealing colors for the kitchen.

Besides good looks, this salad spinner works really well. The spinning mechanism is smooth and easy, and that inner basket spins fast enough to drive any moisture out of the lettuce I’m washing for salads right off by centrifugal force. It’s fun and easy to use. In fact, my five year old grandson looks for it every time he comes to visit so he can give it a ‘whirl’. It’s his favorite toy at my house. No worries, though, as is well made and he hasn’t hurt it a bit, though he pulls the cord to make the basket spin again and again. The inner basket also makes a great 'hat', (he thinks).

Another great feature about the Zyliss Salad Spinner is that all the pieces come easily apart to allow for thorough cleaning and drying, and then they reassemble just as easily. I’m happy with my investment in the Zyliss Salad Spinner, and I recommend it to anyone in the market for such a tool for their own kitchen.