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5.3 Oz Spray Can Walgreens Anti Fungal
By: Joan Young on Nov 20 | Topic Expertise:

My favorite athlete’s foot product is no longer available. When I saw those red cracks starting to form again this week, along with the burning...

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Gold Bond Athlete's Foot Swabs  Best Ive Found
By: Joan Young on Dec 11 | Topic Expertise:

These swabs are the only thing that gets rid of my athlete’s foot- fast! It’s easy to use, dries quickly, and not messyI have been...

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Maximum Strength Antifungal Ointment
By: Jermaine McKenzie on Apr 18 | Topic Expertise:

Having athlete's foot is no walk in the park for those who know the itching, burning, annoying sensations associated with this ailment. For me, I...

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