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Funny Little Dachshund
By: janetlynn on Feb 02 | Topic Expertise:

I grew up with a standard size Poodle and a toy Poodle as a kid. Later on in life, I have had a Lhasa Apso...

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Dog Coat   Dog Clothes
By: janetlynn on Dec 04 | Topic Expertise:

We have been the proud parents of a mini Dapple Dachshund for 5 years now. His name is Chopper and he jumps like a kangaroo,...

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Poseable Pet
By: dsnygrl on Aug 01 | Topic Expertise:

My Twinn Poseable Pets are hand crafted stuffed animals that are made to look like specific breeds of dogs and cats. What makes these stuffed...

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Dachshund Shakers
By: janetlynn on Dec 07 | Topic Expertise:

I purchased these Magnetic Kissing Dachshund Salt & Pepper shakers two years ago at a Hallmark store. I have seen them in other dog breeds...

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Decorative Dachshund
By: Jenn Huffer on Feb 22 | Topic Expertise:

I received this as a Christmas present from my mom. She is always finding the cutest items with Dachshunds to give me. I have a...

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The Very Special Walk
By: rachelreviews on Aug 05 | Topic Expertise:

I absolutely adore this! I bought it at a quaint bookstore on High Street in Medford, Massachusetts, when I was there years ago. The scene...

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