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Simple To Operate, Accurate Readings
By: edev5 on Apr 03 | Topic Expertise:

When we found out that my father suffered from high blood pressure, we immediately looked for blood pressure monitor. My friend who works in a...

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Magic Tree House
By: louella on Sep 28 | Topic Expertise:

The Magic Tree House is a series of books that tell of the adventures of a eight year old boy named Jack and his seven...

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Reading: Escape Or Education?
By: Jan Mayrhofer on Mar 01 | Topic Expertise:

I have heard (and read) it said that reading for entertainment might be just another way of wasting time; a self indulgent, even selfish, activity....

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No One Writes To The Colonel: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
By: Mimpi Gh on May 17 | Topic Expertise:

No one writes to colonel is a poignant story of how a retired colonel and his wife fight to protect their pride in a healthy...

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Atlantis Rising By Alyssa Day
By: kristyh on Dec 14 | Topic Expertise:

This is the first book I have read by this author and I really liked it. I have always been interested in Atlantis and paranormal...

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Glad To Know It's Still Working
By: edev5 on Feb 16 | Topic Expertise:

So my hubby got this USB flash drive as a gift from his brother last year. He got it as a secondhand because his brother...

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One Of The Cover Styles
By: thebestnicknamever on Sep 05 | Topic Expertise:

So this review doesn't turn into a summary, I will just explore the various aspects of the book as a whole. My Antonia is, as...

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My New Fashion Reading Glasses
By: alice on Sep 21 | Topic Expertise:

I never would have believed I would be wearing a pair of "cheater" glasses as my family refers to the reading glasses you can pick...

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The All New Kindle 6 Display
By: Joseph Stone on Nov 28 | Topic Expertise:

The newest generation of the Kindle reading device is absolutely amazing. It is an ultra-high quality product and reasonably priced. The 6" display gives you...

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The Book Cover
By: hound144 on Dec 29 | Topic Expertise:

Intro: Have you ever felt like there is something big out there for you? Something you're missing out on? I know at some points of...

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