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By: Olivia Collins on Aug 06 | Topic Expertise:

We have all experienced the craze of Twilight around us whether we have read and taken part, or whether we have been curious and baffled...

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By: ballpark5000 on Dec 17 | Topic Expertise:

The first time I saw the Twilight movie, I was a little bit confused, a little uninterested, and somewhat turned off to the story. I never expected I would read...

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Triple The Modes, Triple The Fun!
By: Kevin Roman on Feb 28 | Topic Expertise:

In this game you play as an original and charismatic character, not from any of the animes, called Jack Archer. He has a witty, snarky...

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Ender Will Save Us
By: xenocide on Aug 11 | Topic Expertise:

I'm not the type of person who can enumerate my favorites in a snap, but Ender's Game is definitely, definitely one of my favorite books...

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Rising Tides By Nora Roberts
By: kristyh on Dec 16 | Topic Expertise:

Normally I am one of those rare people who do not like Nora Robert's books. So when I was given the entire Chesapeake Bay Saga...

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Twilight   The Novel
By: Joie Mojica on Jan 07 | Topic Expertise:

Stephenie Meyer is the next Anne Rice.This Vampire - Human forbidden love has reached box - office hits not only in the bookstores but also...

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Magic The Gathering: Urza's Saga
By: doraemon on Nov 03 | Topic Expertise:

Urza's Saga is the fifteenth expert level set in Magic the Gathering. It was a set comprsed of 350 cards. It is known for being...

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Oriflame Saga   Feel The Sensuality
By: edev5 on Nov 18 | Topic Expertise:

I was looking at an Oriflame catalog when I saw their newest fragrance a few years ago. It was called Saga. There was a small...

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Let's Go Super Saiyan
By: banger on Jul 09 | Topic Expertise:

I have one thing to say before I start I was and still am a huge Dragon Ball Z fan. When I was a little...

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