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Neil Med Sinus Rinse
By: janna on Nov 19 | Topic Expertise:

Thanks to some slightly deformed nasal turbines I suffer from the constant symptoms of a sinus infection without the actual infection. Meaning that I often...

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Great Comfort For Sinus And Headaches
By: Mia Blaisdell on Jul 16 | Topic Expertise:

I have allergies and get pretty bad sinus pain that triggers severe headaches. Bad enough that I have to lie down in a dark, quiet...

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By: alice on Mar 23 | Topic Expertise:

We are now 11 weeks into the new year. Of that, I have been sick for 4 of those due to a co-worker who does not stay home when they...

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Rhinocort Aqua Nasal Spray For Allergy Relief
By: jpnmo on Mar 10 | Topic Expertise:

As spring approaches and the buds appear on the trees, I know allergy season is beginning. I can always feel it before I even notice...

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Miraculous Allergy Relief!
By: rewintx on May 15 | Topic Expertise:

I have suffered from allergies all of my life, but once I moved to Austin, the allergy capital of the U.S., I was more miserable...

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Equate Sinus Allergy Medicine
By: heartbreaker on Nov 01 | Topic Expertise:

I have been a seasonal allergy sufferer my whole life. I've tried just about every allergy medication out there with just about no luck --...

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Comfort Zone Infrared Heater
By: buckeyefan on Jan 17 | Topic Expertise:

We began shopping around for alternate sources to supplement our home heating this year. We currently have a forced air oil furnace, and with the...

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By: klkwid on Jan 02 | Topic Expertise:

I played with the thought of trying this kind of thing for a long time. I read on a review at SharedReviews that this really does work, though, so I...

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By: Cyn Bagley on Aug 08 | Topic Expertise:

I wish that I had found this book when I was dealing with allergies. However, it has given me good tips for dealing with parts of my disease. I know...

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By: vsimeone on Aug 14 | Topic Expertise:

We are very fortunate that everyone in my family is usually very healthy. My husband just came down with a cold this week so I pulled out some Tylenol Sinus...

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